Apr 09

​We are currently have a vacancy for a technician to work on site and in the laboratory. Please email CV's to if you are interested.

Mar 12

We are now able to offer electronic scheduling to our clients using AGS4 to assist in the rapid and accurate transfer of data to laboratory reports, eliminating any data transcript errors.  This also ensures accurate transfer of AGS Data (version 3.1 or 4.0) on completion of a project.    Our ability to offer this new service will be particularly essential for any clients working on HS2 as AGS4 and electronic data transfer are understood to be an important requirement for this prestigious project.  Please contact for more details.

K4 have recently achieved UKAS accreditation for a number of electrochemical tests including water soluble and total sulphates on soil and groundwater, pH and mass loss on ignition. 

May 13
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